Banan Temple in Battambang

Banan Temple is a national and cultural tourist destination on top of Mount Banan. It is located about 20.20 km south of Battambang Provincial Hall. Visitors can get there by cars or motorbike from Battambang Town on Road P1571 and Road #800 along Steung Sangke River. It is in Banan Viallage, Kanteu 2 Commune, Banan District .

Banan Temple was built in the middle of the 11th and the end of the 12th centuries. The first king who built the temple was King Utayatityavarman II (1050–1066) and was later completed by Jayavarman VII (1181–1219). The temples were built on the top of Mount Banan, one next to another, as at Angkor Wat, but they were separated from one another and were made of laterite and sandstone. French researcher HENRY MOUHOT who discovered Angkor Wat 140 years ago reported that water in the sacred cave could make the people who drank it know the past, the present and the future. The cave was then known as Kuhea Preah Teuk (the Cave of Sacred Water). (Please read the Banan Temple history book for further information.)

The temple is based on top of a mountain and at the foot of the mountain, there are ditches and two important caves, one named Laang Bet Meas, meaning the walls were covered with gold, though you do not see the gold now. You can see shiny water drop from the ceiling of the cave. Another cave is called Laang Chhoung or Lanag Achey. At the foot of and on top of the mountain there are both big and small trees growing mixed with one another thickly providing cool shade. In the entry court, there are restaurants and stores for local produce, [which are] well organized and security is guaranteed.

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