Chrolong Bobta Resort in Battambang

Chrolong Bobta Farm is in the southwest part of Battambang Province, approximately 57.25 km from the provincial municipality. Visitors can travel there from the provincial town on National Road No. 57 by motorbike or car. When they arrive at Phchiev Village, turn left and continue for about 10 km and then turn right. They will see a direction signboard showing the way to the farm, which is in Phlov Meas Village, Phlov Meas Commune, and Rottanak Mondul District. It is based at X: 261406, Y: 1411741.

Chrolong Bopta Farm is naturally established along the Steung Sangke River. In 2007, it was developed based on its natural form to make it attractive as a resort. It is currently being managed by Mr. Yukanthor Sambo.

– It is an area where a Khmer king established an army for a war and placed a national flag. (There is a bridge called the Bridge of the Golden Flag.)

– There is a thick forest of bamboo trees, Chrey (trees) Rey Teuk (trees) which provide cool shade for visitors.

– There are boulders, and flowing water which sounds like music for the visitors.

– There are lovely places where people can enjoy sitting.