Dam Basak in Battambang

Dam Basak is a historical resort distancing about 80 km from the provincial town of Battambang. Tourists can reach there by travelling on the national road 5 to the East when reaching at Moung Russey market then continue about more 5 km will reach crossroad point to Rokkak Kiri district turn right go strained until reaching Rokak Kiri market and continue about  more 3km will reach the resort. This Dam is situated at Rokkak Kiri village, Rokkak Kiri commune, Rokkak Kiri district. The dam was occurred in Pol Pot regime during the year 1976 to 1978, the two concerted dams were constructed; first Kbal Hong Dam, second Basak Dam, the two dams were constructed for agricultural sector in all seasons. The dam has two big concreted dams with good environment and forest growing providing shade for visitors. In rainy season there is enough water for swimming, especially in Khmer New Year there are many tourists coming to entertain there.