O CHOAM Waterfall in Battambang

Waterfall O CHOAM is a natural resort, situated at the Southwest of Battambang city, distancing about 80 km from the town located in O Choamler village, Samlot Commune, Samlot district.Visitors are able to travel on the national road 57 heading to Samlot district and leading to the waterfall.

The O Choam Waterfall was discovered in 2003 by local residents. In 2007, there were the people visited there and saw a strange thing was that the waterfall had been seen was not token pictures, and if according to the faiths of the local, the waterfall had been kept by angel.

Until by the end of 2013, there were the environmental and community officials named O CHAOM Natural Protective Community, had joined hand in preparing way accessing to the waterfall. The waterfall is tall 30m surrounded by big stones and a pond, a water source flowing to this waterfall. Upping way to the resort, there are many special characteristics such as forest, valley, stones and waterfall ranging from the foot of mountain till the top, creating favorable conditions for visitors to visit.