Phnom Sampov Best Tourist Attractions in Battambang

Phnom Sampov is a popular historical and tourist site in Battambang Province located to the southwest of Battambang Town and is about 13.73 km from Battambang Provincial Hall.

Visitors can travel safely to the tourist destination on National Road #57 by motorbikes or cars. It is based in Phnom Sampov Khang Keut and Phnom Sampov Khang Lech, Phoum Samnanh Villages, Phnom Sampov Commune, Banan District. (Please see the roadmap.)

Phnom Sampov Mountain is told of in one of the Khmer folk stories: “King Reachkol and Neang Romsai Sak” which is also related to Phnom Kropeu (Crocodile Mountain), Phnom Rumsai Sak (Let-down-the-hair Mountain) Phnom Trung Moan Trung Tia (Hen and Duck Cage Mountain) and Phnom Kdong (Sail Mountain) and many songs related to the mountain were written during the 1960s. There are several caves on the mountain such as Laang Lakhoan, Laang Phka Sla, Laang Andoung Preng … unfortunately some of the caves were used as killing fields during the Pol Pot regime.

Seen from a distance, the mountain looks like a ship with a height of approximately 140 meters. From the base to the top of the mountain, there is a large staircase with 800 steps made of concrete and many rest houses easily accessible to visitors who want to see the caves and Buddhist temples. On top of the mountain, there is a pagoda called “Wat Kirirom” and there are big trees providing cool shade. There is a beautiful view and a coconut grove and spacious rice field [can be seen] from above and [you can] enjoy the fresh air. Visitors will feel refreshed and happy.