Popuh Pich Chenda Resort

The resort of Popuh Pich Chenda is located in the western part of Battambang Province, approximately 45.36 km from the provincial municipality. Visitors can travel there from the provincial town on Road No. 57 by cars or motorbikes. When they arrive at Rottanak Mondul Town, which is about 43.28 km from Battambang province, they will see a signboard to the resort and then they can turn left and continue for 2 km more [until they reach] the resort.  It is in Chea Montrey Village, Treng Commune, and Rottanak Mondul District, based at X: 275274, Y: 1419349.

It is a natural resort which has always been there. During the 1960s, many songs related to Popuh Pich Chenda were written. It is currently a natural resort that has been developed and is more attractive to visitors. It is now managed by a private company.

There is a thick forest in the vicinity of Popuh Pich Chenda, with big trees on the river and huge boulders in the water, a lot of space and rest houses and two concrete staircases ready for the visitors to descend and sit on the rocks and play in the water during the dry season. They can also take fresh air and swim.