Private vineyard in Battambang

This is the only private vineyard in Battambang Province. It is on the road to Banan Temple about 11.95 km from Battambang Provincial Hall. Visitors can travel there by car or motorbike from the provincial town on Road No.  P1571 and Road No 800 along the Steung Sangke River. It is located in Bat Sala, Chheur Teal Commune, and Banan District at X: 300046, Y: 1438845.

The vineyard was initiated in 1999 with about 10 grapevines imported from France. With some of the skills related to agriculture, the vineyard owner began to graft the grapevines from the 10 existing ones. By now, he has about 800 grapevines on three hectares of land. He started producing wine on 11 November 1004. He can harvest two or three times per year.