Wat Bakanivest called Wat Kampheng

Wat Bakanivest called Wat Kampheng is located in 10th group, Kamakor village, Svay Pour commune, Battambang city. According to the research of Mr. Toch Chhurn in his book, titled (Battambang in Lord Governor), Wat Kampheng was constructed by Ms. Tim, as a wife of Lord Kathathorn Nhonh and as mother of Kathathorn Chhum. That why this monastery was named Tep Tim Reach Ni Vest. Before, the pagoda was located in (Watkampheng Primary School today), and there is a temple with luxurious style, there are Naga carving pillars from the bottom to the rooftop. At north of temple, there is a stupa for keeping the Buddha’s body and national heritages, constructed around 1837.